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A Musical Experiment

I made a previous post that showed a friend and professional “speaking” a Kennedy speech with American Sign Language (ASL). That was both fun and intriguing. It showed how an experienced professional is both adept and consistent in their skill. The analysis used the Dartfish ( software to take videos of two separate sessions of the […]

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Practicing Repeatable Physical Skills – With an amazing example

I know that there are some schools that are using or experimenting with Dartfish to improve the teaching of novice interpreters for American Sign Language. This makes sense because accurate signing is a precise physical skill that requires rigorous training and practice. Lasca Thiede is a friend of mine and a very experienced interpreter for American Sign Language. She […]

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The National Collegiate Sales Competition

Football has the Superbowl. Soccer has the World Cup. Track and Field has the Olympics. Budding corporate salespersons have the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC)! Last year, I helped out at the NCSC. Students from universities around the country competed to be the top Sales Candidate and the National Champion. The competition is held annually at Kennesaw State University near […]

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Assembling a View of Multiple Operations

At the end of the Hartybake production process there is an automatic bagger. Waffles are placed on a conveyor with small moving pegs to control spacing. Workers transfer the waffles that exit from the oven and insert them in the conveyor. The naturally irregular shape of these exotic Belgian waffles makes it impractical to link the processes automatically. […]

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