Dartfish in Sports

At DeeperPoint, we aren’t easily fascinated by a software package. Dartfish is different. The biggest reason is that we had never heard of it, even though it is a powerhouse and household name in the world of athletics. To understand its pedigree, consider the following images:


Elite athletes in virtually every sport consider Dartfish an indispensable part of their preparation. This is true for individual sports, for team sports, for strength and speed sports, for skill sports. Think about it. How much power and versatility must a video analysis software tool have to be deemed essential in skating, soccer, equestrian, football, gymnastics, baseball, tennis, weightlifting, ….. etc. … etc.

Not only that, it is global. Individuals, teams, leagues and entire sports governing bodies around the world are avid users.


So what does it do? It records video and places it in a toolkit to break down and tag the video, catalog it, finely measure and track items of action in the video motion stream, and generate highlight-reel media books and publications.

Doesn’t that sound like something that process analysts might like?

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