A Lean Industrial Video EcoSystem

Video can do interesting and valuable things in an industrial or business setting. The challenge is to organize its potential into a working system.

This diagram and subsequent key show one possible roadmap to a suitable video handling system. Many other arrangements are possible, depending on how needs are concentrated. That is where DeeperPoint can help. We can guide you to prototype and launch your industrial video “factory”.


  1. Permanent operations video cameras capture and stream images from a designed network of viewpoints and resolutions
  2. All streams of operations video are recorded and managed in a video management system (VMS).
  3. Additional can be captured using various tools, including handheld camcorders, mobile devices and screen-casting software.
  4. Dartfish accepts uploads of high-value video clips from all sources,
    • Video clips that are exported and uploaded from the VMS.
    • Video clips that are uploaded directly from mobile devices
    • Video clips that are uploaded from screen-casting software.
  5. (Optionally) Staff or an external service can meta-tag high value clips in Dartfish for easy search, retrieval and re-use.
  6. Video editing software assembles new movies (stories, best hits, and playlists) from high-value raw video and tagged video segments.
  7. High-value assembled movies are used for a wide range of applications, including:
    • Training Documentation
    • Forensic Analysis of Problems
    • Process, Quality & Safety Improvement

A system like this is relatively easy and affordable to construct and operate … if you have a little bit of know-how. DeeperPoint can supply the know-how.

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