A Lean Industrial Video EcoSystem

If you have read some of the blog articles on this site, you are hopefully concluding that video can do interesting and valuable things in an industrial or business setting. Then, the next challenge is to assemble the capabilities into a working system.  We can help you to assemble the “factory” to utilize industrial, problem-solving video in a wide range of applications … wherever your company happens to need it.

This diagram and key offer just one possible roadmap to a suitable system design. There, can be other arrangements, depending on where your needs are concentrated. That is where DeeperPoint’s experience can help. We can help and guide you to prototype and launch your industrial video factory.



  1. Dartfish supports upload of video from mobile devices
    • Experts can make one or more short “selfies” to cover specific topics
    • Dartfish Express App for iPhone, iPad has editing, annotation and upload
    • Android video files can be sent to Dartfish Desktop software or uploaded to Dartfish.tv
  2.  Dartfish can accept all common forms of video input
    • Make videos with screencasting software (e.g., Camtasia) or many types of cameras and webcam feeds
  3. Dartfish Desktop software allows archiving, cataloging and micro-tagging of large quantities of video clips
    • Tagged events and micro-segments can be searched, retrieved and re-assembled into arbitrary sequences … then published as integrated movies or “media books”
    • Tags can include technical information and labels that can be exported and analyzed in outside tools
    • Tags can be edited, updated and manipulated
  4. Dartfish.tv is secure cloud video streaming site (e.g., “private YouTube”)
    • Clips can be replayed in web browser, shared via social media and embedded in web pages
    • Files can be streamed in HTML5 or Silverlight
    • Video library can be searched and viewed using micro-tags
    • Tags can be imported from Desktop software or added through web browser
  5. Tagging can be done by in-house staff or outsourced
    • Videos can be uploaded and downloaded between desktop and cloud server
    • Tagging (and tag editing) can be done in several ways … on desktop or from any web browser
    • Pre-defined tagging panels on the desktop make it easy for staff or freelancers to follow a consistent tagging protocol.
    • Categories and tags can be searched to isolate segments of video from large libraries
  6. Dartfish can export playlists of tagged video segments
    • As list of individual video clips
    • Assembled into a single video clip (e.g., mp4)
    • Organized in a media book
  7. Library of Simple eLearning Templates for a Standard eLearning authoring tool (e.g., Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate)
    • A set of simple design patterns that are constructed to serve mainly as “containers” for a set of rich media video clips.
    • Patterns are designed to minimize need for complex eLearning transitions, animations, quizzes, etc. Those can be added if desired, but the pattern design should function without them.
  8. Constructed eLearning courses where video clips from the tagged library (6) are inserted into the eLearning design patterns (7)
  9. Standard eLearning design tool supports export into multiple formats
    • Embed in social business messages, blog articles, wikis, etc.
    • Web pages
    • Learning Management System (SCORM or AICC)
    • Mobile Devices
    • Stand alone executables.
  10. Library of instructional video clips (made in system) and printed (pdf) job aids explain what each participant in the system is required to do in their contribution.

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