Video Performance Analysis

In business, when you see something happening, you want to understand it, analyze it and find ways to improve it. In business, we call that lean, continuous improvement, process redesign, and a host of similar terms.

In sports, it’s called coaching …400 medals at the London Olympics were won by athletes who trained with the Dartfish video analysis software. Coaches recorded and analyzed athlete’s actions to improve them to perform at a higher level. Businesses also have activities that deserve to be analyzed and improved.

  • how to make a better sales pitch
  • how to use the equipment more safely
  • how to ask interview more effectively
  • how to measure process performance
  • how to position displays to appeal to customers
  • how to rearrange work to balance workload
  • how to measure process variation
  • how to …?

Dartfish can bring exciting analysis tools to these problems … and DeeperPoint can show you how.

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