Industrial Video Systems

In business, when you see something happening, you want to understand it, analyze it and find ways to improve it. In business, we call that lean, continuous improvement, process redesign, and a host of similar terms. DeeperPoint believes that industry needs to use more video for those efforts … with more types of video … and more pragmatic and relevant applications for video.

To pursue that, businesses will need a new type of video production and processing capability. It won’t look like a TV studio or a film production set. It will resemble an ordinary office, a lab, or a “road warrior” briefcase. It will be designed to serve industrial and business processes, operated by ordinary staff and communicated … to everyone. It will not exist to “entertain”. It will exist to solve real business problems … thoroughly … now … wherever the solution is needed.

Things Video Can Do
(see Blog articles):

  • Analyzing operations
  • Looking back into time
  • Seeing things in slow motion
  • Seeing a distant reality
  • Communicating across language and culture
  • Showing rich soft skills
  • Giving remote virtual tours of facilities
  • Capturing fine variations in skills
  • Visualizing process variations
  • Giving customers better support
  • etc.



An Industrial Video Ecosystem

DeeperPoint will help you design and build your own system, using off-the-shelf tools and software (like Dartfish). We can help you to establish the processes and procedures that make the system work quickly and reliably. We can help you learn how to use your system to solve new and different business, operational and engineering problems.

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