DeeperPoint offers a variety of project management services to help you manage your fluid project. We have bundled our services into the three familiar levels:


Monitor the project’s online progress and consult (once or twice weekly) to offer suggestions and advice for improved operations.

  • Help mediate operational issues and disputes … a common concern with virtual projects
  • Consult on project plans and operational direction



(everything in Bronze) +

  • Help the Buyer write, follow and track a project plan for the virtual project and team
  • Work with Buyer to adjust tools and techniques to support project workflow
  • Provide training to buyers and providers on the software and project management methodology



(everything in Silver) +

Supply a (virtual) project coordinator to:

  • track provider availability
  • schedule and arrange team meetings
  • prompt participants for deadlines
  • collect, organize and archive deliverables
  • generate performance metrics and reports
  • Arrange for second opinions from qualified experts
  • Design quality assurance and test systems
  • Design security and risk management systems