Dartfish in Industry?

We are actively exploring the role of Dartfish Video Analysis Software (www.dartfish.com) for industrial applications. Why are we interested in one software title?
We are seeking the answer to the following question:

Since Dartfish is so dominant in studying athletic performance, can it have similar value analyzing industrial performance?

In our view, the short answer is yes. Although Dartfish is inspired by athletic requirements, it has a collection of features that are unequaled among conventional industrial analysis tools:

It is a complete video performance analysis ecosystem

  • With its long history and pedigree in the analysis of athletics, Dartfish is not just a software program. It is a comprehensive system of tools that, collectively, offer tremendous functionality for analyzing video … of any kind, from almost any source.


  • The powerhouse Dartfish Windows desktop software can archive, catalog, tag, analyze and publish video content with an extensive feature set. It can also draw material from a wide range of cameras and video streams, including IP-based surveillance cameras.
  • Video content (with tags and markup) can be uploaded to Dartfish.tv for video streaming to any desired audience. Dartfish.tv also allows authorized collaborators to extend the cataloging and markup process … online … using just their web browser.
  • To make video capture even easier, Dartfish Express and Dartfish Note are IOS apps that allow authorized users to capture video and tagging information using their iPhone or iPad … wherever and whenever they see something  of interest. Videos and notes can be uploaded to Dartfish.tv and reintegrated and synchronized for later analysis in the Dartfish Desktop suite.

This versatility and reliability is part of its athletic mission. How would you feel if the video analysis system missed the action leading to the winning goal at the World Cup? Although Dartfish is designed for elite sports, or perhaps because of that, it is truly “industrial strength“.

Dartfish has a powerful suite of video analysis tools

  • Did you see the Olympic coverage where two skiers raced side-by-side in a precisely timed superpostion? … That was Dartfish.
  • Did you see baseball coverage where the video traced the trajectory of the pitch? … That was Dartfish.
  • Dartfish can measure distances and angles in live action.
  • Dartfish can tag parts of video clips so they can be searched and recovered instantly from a large library.
  • Dartfish can capture data and export it for analysis in other tools.



The measurement and visualization tools can support many business objectives

  • Process improvement
  • Risk identification and management
  • Process documentation
  • Product development, testing and validation
  • System validation and problem diagnosis



There are many more details and connections, but this should whet the reader’s appetite. As DeeperPoint builds experience and examples, we are publishing them in our companion blog. If the general topic of analyzing video for operations is of interest, please take a few minutes to look at some of our examples. Then please check back to see what we will add to the list.

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