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Toward a Video-for-Operations Ecosystem (Updated 6/22/17)

(Note: I published this long post and Microsoft released Office 365 Stream the next day. I felt compelled to include it in an update at the end).  I describe a vision of integrated video handling in industrial operations. My goal is to identify and interconnect many independent technology building blocks into one coherent “system” … […]

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Video For Operations – High Resolution

A Revolution in Camera Resolution Most of us have seen the footage from convenience store security cameras … usually in the context of a police report or plea for citizen help. The videos are grainy, have poor color, and often lack the detail necessary to see the suspect clearly, let alone identify them in court. However, […]

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Industry 4.0 – Where’s the Video?

A very hot concept in manufacturing is the prospect of “Industry 4.0”. Originating in Germany, it is envisaged as a factory where recently emerged technologies (automation, digital communication, Internet of Things, cloud, etc) are combined to assemble complete, automated production systems that require minimal human oversight and intervention. The following YouTube video makes the concept […]

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Video PROCESS Surveillance?

When most manufacturing companies, indeed most companies of any type, think about “video surveillance”, they automatically think about security, theft and personnel monitoring. Then, they buy security systems and video surveillance systems to collect massive quantities of video like the following examples. Feel free to watch an entire video. You can see that absolutely nothing of interest occurs. … […]

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Industrial Mind Music

Updated 08/26/16 to fix some typo and link mistakes. Problem Statement Remember the last time a manual told you to press a button and nothing happened? You spent fifteen minutes on the phone waiting for customer service, and then you’re told you just have to press it past where it starts giving pressure, but you […]

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