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How to Triangulate Nuanced Issues with Video

In the companion blog post, I described an idea for a new way to explain nuanced policies, concepts and practices. In this post, I explore how current software and hardware tools might be applied to make the process faster and easier. Construction Process(s) There are several ways to approach this problem. One way is to build them directly […]

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Videos to Triangulate Nuanced Issues – Concept

Every organization struggles to communicate policies that are important, but require intelligent interpretation at the point of application. In fact, it is likely that most important policy directives apply to situations where there is uncertainty and an opportunity for intelligent choice. Can video help to address these types of challenges? I believe that it can … […]

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Video in PDFs

You’ve seen multimedia that you would love to use in corporate communication. Unfortunately, the corporate IT department is very security-conscious. They resist installing a new server or web application inside the firewall, and they forbid putting corporate information on outside hosts. They ‘encourage’ everyone use the company’s secure document management system (.e.g., Lotus Notes or […]

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