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How to Triangulate Nuanced Issues with Video

In the companion blog post, I described an idea for a new way to explain nuanced policies, concepts and practices. In this post, I explore how current software and hardware tools might be applied to make the process faster and easier. Construction Process(s) There are several ways to approach this problem. One way is to build them directly […]

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Videos to Triangulate Nuanced Issues – Concept

Every organization struggles to communicate policies that are important, but require intelligent interpretation at the point of application. In fact, it is likely that most important policy directives apply to situations where there is uncertainty and an opportunity for intelligent choice. Can video help to address these types of challenges? I believe that it can … […]

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Video as Time Machine

In this instance, I want to step back from the mechanics of using video to explore a larger question: Why should we use video in our business operations? My reasoning or justification is based on my thoughts about the nature of industrial/business activity and the capabilities of human and video observers. My reason for advocating the […]

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Tracking Vehicle Movements – Part 2

In the previous article on this topic, I described how I used the Dartfish Zone tagging tool to record the locations of trucks in an Intermodal yard. By using nearby landmarks, I was able to pick out the vehicle’s approximate position at any point in time and record it as an event that is tied […]

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Tracking Vehicle Movements – Part 1

In this post, I took a video of a process (an intermodal train yard) with complex behaviors and used continuous duration tags to select individual elements, follow them on sub-clips and reassemble an extended video so we could see each element’s activity … in isolation. The yard in question is the CSX Hulsey Intermodal Terminal […]

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