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The Magic of Special Cases

In my last post, I showed a way to extract detailed operational data from a video clip of human-paced operations. With a customized Dartfish Tagging panel, it was pretty easy to pull data to validate a descriptive probability distribution for the task. As I did the tagging, I saw some situations where the operator deviated from […]

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Analyzing Customer Behavior from Video

A lot of customer service functions involve complex interactions between employees and customers. Studying and analyzing these interactions is complicated and time consuming. In the retail world, however, there is often a steady source of high quality video of those operations … surveillance videos. Dartfish can help to take surveillance video and extract operational insights. […]

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Fitting Distributions to Video Data

A growing number of operations and factory designers use sophisticated discrete simulation tools to test their facility layouts and designs. For major design projects, software systems like the following are often required.  Siemens Plant Simulation Software  Rockwell Arena Simulation Software These (and similar software packages) have a common requirement. They need to assume the distribution […]

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Using Video to Measure Process Variation

In a previous post, I described a novel way to use video to capture visual evidence of process variation and make it far more evident to potential stakeholders. The technique used the Dartfish Analyzer video blending feature from the Dartfish video analysis software. The resulting video looks like the following: You can clearly see evidence […]

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